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Planning to move to the U.S. / Canada
to study, work or live?

Having been through the process ourselves, we know how scary and overwhelming it can be, especially without proper guidance. When your hard-earned money and heartfelt hopes are added to the mix, you want the best for yourself. Global Settlers Mentorship Program (GSMP) is here to provide you with that.

Our aim is to equip you with more clarity, so you can prioritize what you need to focus on and dramatically increase your chances of success.

What we offer...

Take the right step, from the start

Immigrate to canada

We can help you determine which programs suit you the best. Express Entry, Provincial Nominee Programs, or Family Class.

study in the US

The US has one of the best institutions of higher education where you can advance your knowledge, skills, and career. We can help you follow this path from choosing the best universities to getting the F-1 visa.

Study in Canada

If you want to come to Canada as an international student, choosing the right institution can be difficult and overwhelming. Once enrolled, it can be tricky to maintain your status or stay eligible for a work permit after your studies. We can help you choose the right programs and universities to follow this path.

Visit Canada

If you want to visit as a tourist or meet a friend or family member, we can assist you in successfully getting your visa.



Frequently Asked Questions

GSMP stands for Global Settlers Mentorship Program. This mentorship program is designed to help people who wish to move to the U.S./Canada to study, work or settle permanently. You will see this abbreviation used throughout this website experience and in your interaction with your mentors.

Currently, there are two mentors, Rachit & Rubaina. Rachit and Rubaina moved from India to the U.S.  in 2014 for higher studies, obtained employment on various visas in the U.S., obtained Permanent Resident status in Canada without ever consulting any visa/immigration agents. They have the experience and they can help you navigate the process independently. 


More such experts and mentors will be added as the program is expanded to include more members.

GSMP is not designed to compete with regular immigration related services. Nor is GSMP supposed to be legal advice. The most unique aspect of this program is its approach. We aim to overhaul the methodology with which candidates think about moving to a different country, whether it is for employment or educational opportunities. Here are just some factors that differentiate GSMP from anything else out there:


  • Our mentors share from their first-hand experience of going through the application process and living in the countries you want to move to. No visa agent/consultants offers that.
  • This program is designed to support you through the whole process of moving and settling, not just getting you approvals and dispatching you to a foreign land.
  • No visa or education consultant will offer you support after you land in a new country. GSMP is inherently built to do that.
  • Agents don’t prepare you for paperwork and filings when you move out of your home country. GSMP not only supports you in obtaining your initial paperwork, but also teaches you how to approach it in future. Let’s be real, once you move, you’ll be doing a lot of it by yourself.

GSMP mentors will support you throughout the process and beyond. You will


  • Start by explaining your situation, your goals and objectives behind the move.
  • Get help choosing the right pathway accordingly.
  • Get to know how to maximize your chances of successfully obtaining the necessary admits, employment offers, visa approvals etc.
  • Get support in coping with cultural shock.
  • Get the necessary financial literacy.
  • Get guidance on financial resources available to you and how to apply for them.

No. GSMP is designed to share your  burden by guiding you at every step. Mentors will advise you on the following:

  • What documents should you file?
  • When is the best time to file?
  • How can you improve your chances of admits, employment offers, visa approvals etc?
  • What is the right visa program for you?
  • How can you improve your profile to increase your chances?

Mentors don’t do any filings for you. This is intentionally designed this way so that you own the process yourself.

Here are four major reasons:

  • GSMP increases your own knowledge as you manage the paperwork yourself
  • GSMP helps you even after you move
  • GSMP is more transparent
  • GSMP is more affordable

Yes. That is the core offering of the program. All you need to do is keep your subscription active.

The Starter Plan is FREE OF COST. You  get:

  • One Free 30min Consult
  • On-Demand 1-on-1 Sessions for a fee
  • On-Demand Document Reviews for a fee
  • Self-Help Web Resources
  • Limited access to our library of resources and research on various visa programs and topics
  • Links To Relevant Web Communities

The Mentee Plan costs USD 79 per month. You get:

  • One Free 30min Consult
  • On-Demand 1-on-1 Sessions for FREE
  • On-Demand Document Reviews for FREE
  • Self-Help Web Resources
  • Limited access to our library of resources and research on various visa programs and topics
  • Links To Relevant Web Communities
  • Links To Relevant Web Communities
  • Post-Arrival Guidance
  • Cultural Coaching
  • Employment Guidance
  • Finance Tips After Arrival
  • Application Forms
  • List of Required Documents
  • Chat Support for doubts
  • Self-Help Web Resources

Currently, we are accepting payments in three currencies: USD, CAD & INR. If you’d like to pay in another currency, please let us know using the form on this link and we will arrange a customized payment link for you.